Finding the Best Deck For Your Home

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Finding the Best Deck For Your Home

A great way to boost the aesthetics of your home and backyard is with a beautiful, custom deck from the contractors at DK Construction. This is especially true for those who love to spend the warm, summer nights outside or entertain guests. While building a deck is an excellent investment, selecting the best style and material can be tough. With so many available options for decking material, finding the perfect one can be on the tricky side. Since decks are a larger investment that will serve years and years of good use, it’s ideal for homeowners to select a material that is both durable and provides features that will compliment your home. The decision between beauty and durability can be a tedious task; however, to better settle this sometimes troubling decision, there are a wide selection of decking materials available that boast flattering colors, stain-resistance, and durability. Your local contractor can also help with questions you may have regarding durability, style and design.

The Benefits

Installing a deck in your backyard is an excellent investment that comes with a variety of benefits. As homeowners, we take great pride in our home and surrounding property. So, if you have the budget and space, why not completely upgrade your everyday outdoor experience and turn your backyard into a personal oasis? With the right design and materials, a deck can completely transform your backyard space, providing you with extra functionality and increased aesthetics. While decks are also perfect for entertaining purposes, their diversity of benefits can’t be beat. Decks are perfect for expanding your living space since they are spacious enough to fit a table, chairs, a grill and a chiminea/fireplace. And did we mention the aesthetic appeal? With gorgeous garden floral accents, string lights, colorful cushions, and more, you can completely elevate the atmosphere of your backyard. Most importantly, when constructed correctly, decks can increase the overall value of your home. Sure, they are a bit expensive to invest in, however, if the day comes when you want to sell your home, your deck will wind up increasing your return on investment, leaving you with extra cash in your pocket.

Decking Materials

The construction of the perfect deck starts with the right materials. Since finding the best decking material that meets all of your outdoor needs can tricky, we’ve come up with a short list of the best options. When building the deck of your dreams with a reputable contractor, here are a few options to consider:

  • Tigerwood: Tigerwood decking material comes in a variety of colors that complement the exterior of most homes. Typically, Tigerwood is a combination of bright, reddish-brown, golden-brown, black, and brown hues. This luxurious hardwood decking material originates in Central and South America. Tigerwood is a very durable decking material, lasting up to 25 years with proper care. Tigerwood is also very easy to maintain and does not require constant stains and treatments. Since it is fairly dense, Tigerwood can stand up to all weather climates and is resistant to decay and fungal build-up.
  • Trex Composite: Trex is another popular composite lumber used for decking. Since it’s a composite lumber, Trex is mainly comprised of recycled materials including recycled wood, sawdust, and plastic film. Combined, these materials form a plastic-wood composite that’s stronger and denser than natural wood. In addition to these features, Trex Composite is also stain resistant, fade resistant, mold and mildew resistant, termite resistant. Additionally, Trex will not warp, crack, rot, or cause splinters.
  • Pressure-Treated Lumber: Pressure-treated lumber is another popular decking material used around the country. While it’s typically made from southern pine, the type of wood can sometimes vary. This special decking material is resistant to moisture, rot, insects, and is highly durable.

With all the benefits that a custom-made deck provides for homeowners, how could you not invest in one. With these three popular decking materials in mind, the steps towards constructing your dream deck just became much easier. Contact a residential contractor in Spring Hill, TN, and Columbia, TN today to learn more about getting started with a new deck!


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