Kitchen Remodel with Custom Cabinets

Kitchen Remodel with Custom Cabinets

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Probably more than any other element, cabinetry sets the look and feel of your kitchen. The right cabinet choices will help make the room efficient and easy to use. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, nearly half of the average kitchen remodel budget goes toward cabinets. If you choose custom-made cabinets, solid maple or oak, or exotic veneers, don’t be surprised if those beauties consume an even bigger piece of the remodeling pie. Accessories, modifications, and unusual finishes increase the costs further.

We’re happy to work with you on your custom cabinet project and kitchen remodel in Spring Hill and Columbia, TN. We can help plan, design, and build or install the cabinets that will make your kitchen amazing. Read more about custom cabinets and how we can help make them work for you.

The advantages are obvious: Within the limits of sound construction, your kitchen cabinets can look and function exactly the way you want. If you have an oddly shaped kitchen, a curved wall, or some other uniquely interesting aspect to your kitchen, it can be perfectly fitted with custom cabinets during your kitchen remodel. You can also accommodate specialized storage needs. A long cabinet without interior partitions to hold cookie trays and roasting pans, for instance, can be created. If you use an experienced and artful cabinetmaker with a good reputation, the quality of your cabinets will be unsurpassed. Ask to see examples of the residential contractor’s past work and be sure to check references.

Kitchen Remodel – Custom Tip

High-end cabinetry is worthy of its price tag not only for its appearance but also for its long-lasting quality and precision in every aspect, from construction to hardware. Two examples: Finished cabinet sides prevent moisture from compromising the integrity of the cabinet box; Beveled-glass doors are a higher-end addition to cabinets and can visually help break up a long walls of solid cabinet doors.

To get the best cabinets for your kitchen remodel budget, keep your work area compact and stick with standard sizes. Your budget will be happy… just make sure your design can adjust to work with standard sizes.

Cabinet Materials

Wood – Unless you’re hiring a custom cabinetmaker for your kitchen remodel, you may have a hard time finding solid-wood cabinets. That’s OK; many high-quality units are made of plywood or particleboard. Drawer construction is an indication of quality. Look for metal glides with ball bearing rollers and dovetail assembly or screws and dowels. Be sure the wood grain on doors matches the frame. To shave costs, order paint-grade units and do your own painting.

Laminate – Laminate cabinets are durable and easy to clean, and they come in an array of colors. High-pressure laminates perform best but are expensive. For strength, laminate should be applied to the backs of doors as well as the fronts.

Choose Wisely

No single item affects the look, cost, and longevity of your kitchen as much as cabinetry. Buying the cheapest available is rarely the best choice. Drawers soon wobble on their substandard guide hardware or fall apart altogether, and inferior finishes wear away. Unless the cabinet surfaces are solid wood or wood veneer, painting or refinishing will be difficult or even impossible. When comparing cabinets for your kitchen remodel, ask about construction details and look for these signs of lasting quality:

  • Solid-wood face frames with doweled-and-glued joints, unless the cabinet is frameless. Mortise-and-tenon joinery is even better, but it’s a custom-only feature.
  • Solid-wood drawer fronts and door frames; solid or swell-veneered door panels.
  • Solid-wood or plywood drawer sides at least 1/2-inch thick, with doweled or dovetailed joints (avoid stapled-and-glued joints).
  • Self-closing drawer and tray glides able to bear at least 75-100 pounds each. Ball bearings are best. Full-extension glides increase storage space.
  • Corner braces, plywood sides, and rear panels in the cabinet box.
  • Adjustable shelves in wall cabinets.
  • Pullout trays instead of fixed shelves in lower cabinets.
  • Drawers and doors that open without any trace of wobbling or binding.



If cabinets are furniture you happen to hang on your walls, hardware is jewelry for your well-dressed kitchen. Of course, hardware also has a very important function, and that should be your first consideration when purchasing it. Will that small, sleek, round brass knob work flawlessly on a floor-to-ceiling roll-out pantry loaded with canned goods? Probably not. But a sturdier handle would. For instance, one innovative homeowner fitted the drawers holding his heavy cookware with the kind of bowed handles found on hospital doors.

After determining which hardware will function well in your kitchen, you can move on to form. Certain types of knobs, hinges, and drawer pulls are associated with certain architectural styles or historical periods, but you don’t have to be locked into those if you fancy something entirely different. Hardware is one way to personalize and decorate your kitchen.

Pricier models are usually the most sophisticated, including decorator-style pulls and hinges made of solid brass or nickel. Despite its name, hardware also comes in porcelain, ceramic, glass, plastic, and wood. In the last few years, the biggest change on the hardware front has been the increased use of iron and weathered bronze. The problem, of course, is cost. Purchasing five or six knobs for a bathroom at $25 a piece would be one thing, but the average kitchen requires between 30 and 60 pieces of hardware.

For a sleek, clean look, your cabinets can be fitted with invisible hardware. Doors can simply be opened on the hinges or can be fitted with spring-loaded hinges that pop the door open with a gentle push on the corner.

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