The Benefits of Incorporating Marble and Granite Within Your Home

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The Benefits of Incorporating Marble and Granite Within Your Home

Marble and Granite Columbia, TN

Update your kitchen or bath with new countertops! DK Construction offers a variety of styles, colors and materials such as laminate, corian, marble and granite in Columbia, TN and Spring Hill, TN. With many different sink and backsplash options we offer seamless integration creating the illusion of a single glowing solid surface. DK Construction is owned and operated by Doug Kelley, with 15 years of residential construction remodeling and home improvement experience. DK Construction strives to be the only company you ever need for all your home related projects because… WE DO IT ALL!

The beauty of natural stone can dramatically alter the environment of a space, refining its aesthetic qualities completely. Marble and granite are often considered classics since they are two types of natural stone that are widely used as design elements within homes. Although granite and marble are generally used for countertops, as design trends start to fluctuate, we are noticing that these two types of natural stone are being incorporated in so much more. Now, marble and granite are being used for kitchen and bath remodel ideas for backsplashes, flooring, shower tiling, and other small, elemental designs throughout the home. Natural stone is truly making major strides in the world of interior design through its new and unique uses.

Marble in the Home

The beauty of marble has many beneficial factors that far exceeds the aesthetics it provides homes with. Let’s take a look at some of the many advantages the installation of marble gives to homeowners:

Durability of Marble

Although marble is a natural stone that requires meticulous maintenance in order to keep its lustrous look, it happens to be very durable. Marble’s durability allows it to resist against cracking and scratching.

Heat Resistant

Marble is a heat resistant natural stone, which makes it quite useful in the kitchen or bathroom. Don’t be afraid to put any hot pots or pans that came straight out of the oven–marble countertops can take the heat without risking damage. Additionally, if used in the bathroom, you’ll never have to worry about ruining your marble countertops if you place a hot hair tool on it.

Increases the Value of Your Home with Marble

The installation of both marble and granite can greatly increase the value of your home. In the event you decide to put your home on the market, you’ll find that your marble and granite features will significantly boost the resale of your home.

Granite in the Home

Just as marble provides a home with many benefits, granite does just the same. Let’s examine a few benefits to having granite in the home:

Improved Value of Your Home with Marble and Granite

As stated earlier, the installation of granite, like marble, can greatly increase the value of your home if the time comes where you want to sell. Since granite is considered to be an upgrade within a home, your resale value will be greater if you decide to put your home on the market.

Sanitary and Easy to Clean

Granite tends to be one of the more sanitary pieces of natural stone. When properly sealed, granite’s non-porous structure allows it to be safe against any dirt or bacteria. Additionally, it’s smooth surface allows homeowners to clean up any messes or spills without causing staining.

Easy to Maintain

Regardless of where it’s placed or how it’s used, granite stays in great shape year round. The best part? I don’t require special, oftentimes expensive cleaning products to keep it sparkling. You can simply use soap and warm water to clean off your granite surfaces.

As you can see, marble and granite have a plethora of benefits to the interior design of homes. Due to these benefits, granite and marble will be an option that’s always in high demand–no matter the room it’s being installed in.





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