Tops Trends in Residential Construction & Home Design

Floor plans, residential construction in Spring Hill, TN and Columbia, TN, contractor for kitchen remodel, marble and granite and much more.

Tops Trends in Residential Construction & Home Design

Residential Construction in Spring Hill, TN and Columbia, TN

Building a custom home gives homeowners the opportunity to create a living space that meets all of their needs and speaks to their specific tastes and preferences. However, it can sometimes be difficult for future homeowners to come up with a design plan that’s cohesive–this is especially true for homeowners who have different layout and style preferences than their significant other. Don’t fret though, with a little bit of compromise and assistance from your contractor, you’ll soon be on your way to designing the home of you and your partner’s dreams. If you are in need of residential construction in Spring Hill, TN and Columbia, TN, contact DK Construction today to speak with a licensed contractor about your project. With 15+ years of residential, construction, remodeling and home improvement experience, DK Construction strives to be the only company you will ever need for all your home related projects.

If you are having a bit of trouble coming up with ideas on how to decorate and design your custom built home, use some of these latest residential home trends to help guide your decision:

Open Concept: The open floor concept is a popular layout that’s been trending for quite some time. The beauty of an open concept is that it creates a spacious effect throughout one’s home. With an open concept, you’ll have the ability to reduce the necessity of narrow hallways and small rooms. With an open floor plan, you’ll be creating more usable space within your home. Not to mention, an open floor plan will give you the opportunity to incorporate a design theme that perfectly flows throughout your entire home.

Grand Kitchen: Kitchens have quickly become the center of attention in a home. What once was an enclosed part in a home, is now open and spacious. Not to mention, it’s perfectly complemented with an open floor plan. Additionally, large kitchens with modern touches are a major trend this year and is one worth trying out. Go for light, natural colors as a backsplash and don’t forget that long, beautiful, natural stone island right in the center! Popular natural stone options for your countertops and island include marble and granite.

Mudrooms and Flexible Rooms: Instead of the outdated hall closet, many residential homes are being constructed with a mudrooms. Many mudrooms feature plenty of organizational and storage options that are quietly tucked away from the rest of the home. Mudrooms are a great trend that helps to eliminate the possibility of dirt being tracked through the house. Flex rooms are another trend that’s growing more popular in homes. Flexible ‘flex’ rooms are typically offices, libraries, mini living rooms that are located right off the entryway of the home. These rooms can either be left open or enclosed with French doors. The purpose of the flex room is decided by the homeowners. It can be a quiet place to relax or a spot to get some work done.

With the right contractor and team of builders, you’ll be able to easily implement some of these residential construction trends into your new, custom home.


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