Why Winter is the Best Time to Build a Covered Patio

Why Winter is the Best Time to Build a Covered Patio

While patios serve an excellent purpose during the summer, once the weather starts to get cooler, homeowners rarely use their patios. Although these lovely backyard additions serve well for BBQs, sunbathing, and other fun, warm weather activities, a covered patio would actually give you more versatility throughout the entire year–even in the winter season. As we approach the chilly winter, it’s actually an optimal time to build yourself a covered patio.

Your Covered Patio

For many, the cold winter season definitely doesn’t seem like the most opportune time for backyard construction. From the brisk air to snowfalls, the winter can prove to be tricky to work in. Believe it or not, the winter is actually one of the best times for covered patio construction and here’s why:

  • Cost-Efficient: Surprisingly, building a covered patio during the winter season is much more cost-efficient than it would be if it were being constructed in the summer, spring, or fall. Typically, building materials are much cheaper during this time since landscaping companies want to sell the remaining inventory for the year. Additionally, since construction companies, on average, are much less busy during the winter, their services won’t be as expensive either.
  • Better for your backyard: If you construct a covered patio during winter, you’ll actually be saving your lawn and plants from damage associated with construction. Since workers have to walk all over your lawn while building your patio, oftentimes, grass and plants take a real big beating from all the footwork. However, in the frigid temperatures, the frost and cold act as a layer of protection to your lawn. Your workers will be able to get the job done without ruining your lawn.
  • More fun activities: Wouldn’t it be nice to toast marshmallows and make s’mores without freezing your hands off? With a covered patio, you can do that and more. Now, you can enjoy each season with comfort and ease.

With a newly built covered patio, you can actually enjoy the winter season while staying nice and warm–with the help of a heater or fireplace, of course. This winter, give your home and your backyard an upgrade with a covered patio and enjoy entertaining all year long.


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